Sunday, June 3, 2007

Chapter 9 (con): All is not well

Calennon is the first to spring into action. "Oh wonderful, walking corpses. MOVE!" Calenon yelled as he shoved Aurelious out of the way. Speaking in the ainchen Draconian toung, Calenon formed three strange sighns with his hands. Finnishing the spell with “Hruckts no Brisigger!” Calanon pointed a finger at the closest creature sitting utop a sarcophagus. From his finger a torrent of red fire is unleashed, briefly taking the form of an arrof before washing over the monster. The creature howled in rage as blisters formed on it’s rotting flesh where the flames licked him.

Thomas held back a shiver at the sight of the abominations. While the creatures are undeniably horrifying to gaze upon, it was currently a case of two versus five. Resisting the urge to hang back, Thomas withholds the use of spells or song. Instead, drawing Alasse in one hand and his silver broadblade short sword in the other he watched as the thing was washed in fire and seemed to show no signs of retreating. Being still in the small hallway at the back of the party Thomas took a step forward, redied, and resured himself. "Let's see what these creatures are capable of. I'd rather have more distance from what we've yet to see during a fight anyway."
Meanwhile the second ghastly brother threw away his heart and jumped off his sarcophagus lumbered forward and disappeared from sight behind the sarcophagus where his brother was standing.

Ipsom, Infuriated and anticipating a short battle, pushed past Thomas Richard and Aurelious inorder to attack the closest creature, but his legs being to short to carry him all the way in time he instead takes a position behind one of the closer sarcophagi for cover against whatever these creatures could dish out at range.

Richard pulls a long black dagger and rushes forward, but as he draws within ten feet of the creature the steach grows unbearable and he recoils from the reak. It’s smell is more terrible than imagination can serve. Like rotting flesh steaped in soured milk but ladden and heavy in the air so that one can tast it. Shruging it off he presses forward but when he encountered the smell of shit and fresh puke mixed with it, he dry heaved, a cold sweat breaking out over his body. He felt weak and sickly. Was this a power these things had? Sicked, Richard lashed out at the creature sitting on the sarcophagus, but in his current state was only able to hit air. The creature grinned, showing a row of pitchblack, rotting black teeth as it reached out with a burnt claw and grabbed Richards face. (6hp dmg) The creature yanked at Richards face, moving it closer to its mouth. But with one twist Richard escaped it’s grasp and faced it again afresh. Then Richard blinked. He couldn’t feel his legs. A cold was flowing through his veins as they permeated his body leaving him paralyzed. He tried to fight it, but it over whelmed him. The last thing he saw as his face hit the floor with a sickening crack, was the black eyes of grinning creature.

By this time Aurelious had moved forward and he too reeled as the smell hit him. He scowled and said "Sin against he who is above all... Your dust shall salt the earth!!" as he shook it off just as Richard did. Suddenly the second stench hit him. He was taken back to the sending ceremony of his father, the incense, the horrible smell of that room, and his fathers screaming as they tore at his soul… Aurelious doubled over splattering his wonderful breakfast over the black floor of the chamber. Tasting the bile, he unleashed a torrent of puke. He felt weak and asked Sol to help him. He threw up again to the laughter of the ghastly brothers.


Thomas Mendicant said...

Init: 22
Bardic Knowledge for what are these things: Natural 20
If I attack: Nonnatural 20 to hit And 11 damage

Seeing the effect these creatures had upon his companions, Thomas realised that these were no minor undead to be trifled with.

3 options here----
Cursing his earlier foolishness, he began a song his master taught him as a parting gift.

Dane, if I do have some idea about these things and know for a fact light would be very bad for them I'd use the one that affects light if I believed there was a bright enough source in the room to be worth it or if I could make one (Wisdom check 15 for gauging this). Otherwise, I would use the song that grants everyone blessing of Bahamut.

Or lastly, if I misunderstood that song and it doesn't grant it to everyone, I would probably move to defend Richard and attack with my short sword fighting defensively.

Also, my desktop is currently non-functional and that has all of my character information on it. Could you e-mail me with what I sent you?

Eric said...

"Oh crap, I'm paralyzed!" Richard thought to himself.

Aaron said...

Init: 14
Fort saves(if necessary): 15, 14

Calenon swears in Elven as he sees the two fall. He then says (in Common), "Dwarf, spells if you got 'em."

Tactics here are a bit complicated.
If not being threatened when my turn comes up, I retreat as far as possible while maintaining line of sight and launch Melf's Acid Arrow (I think I prepared it, if not Magic Missle) at the one I hit last round (attack roll 22 (ranged touch) for MAA; MAA dmg 8, then 8; MM damage 10 (both missles at same one)). If threatened and still able to act, 5 foot step back then spell as described above. If move info is necessary, let me know. Also, this seems like a good time to make sure my save bonuses are correct in your info, Dane. I think I screwed up when I sent you my info. With stat modifers, they should be Fort +2, Ref +4, Will +4.

Lorem Ipsum said...

inti: 11

summons 2 celestial dogs between (or next to) richard and the moster and advances slowly twords richard ready to stop if the stench overpowers him. (saves: fort +6, will +8; rolls are 13 then 12)

summon monster should last 4 rounds:
dog one:
att: 22 (natural 20)
hp: 9

dog two:
att: 19
hp: 6

ac: 15

Aurelious Wolfbane said...

If I can activate magic circle against evil as a move action, I will. I take a five foot step away and do so. If I CANNOT... I move as far away as possible, back in the general direction of the group, and try to put a wall at my back.

Aurelious Wolfbane said...

Oh yeah in addition... I declare the closest one for my dodge bonus.

Thomas Mendicant said...

Just to make sure, I e-mailed you my decision earlier dane