Thursday, June 14, 2007

Chapter 9 (fin): Dust to Dust

Munda wretched, as the grave mist receded. The creature once again took control and it rolled out of harms way and then crawled to its feet. But the creature could not run, It could not fight, it could only stand in awe of the god of death that had visited it. Oblivious to it’s surroundings the creature stared at the dwarf.

Still not entirely aware of what had happened. Richard saw a wide opening just open in the creature in front of him. He pulled his dagger and pulled back to strike. Then he stopped. Not only had the creature opened it self up, but it was no longer fighting. Richard shook it off and pulled back again. This thing is evil, it should be destroyed.

But… He thought to himself. Evil horrible monsters usually don’t stop fighting in the middle of a battle. And What the hell is that Dwarf doing! And what the hell is with this mist!
Richard switched to a defensive stance. He was no fool. He knew that if you acted without knowing the situation, the consequences could be dire. A lesson he had learned all to well. If that thing attacks though, he would be ready for it.

Across the room Kung had felt the presence of the death god too. In life he had learned from a traveling wise man. That gods took many forms and sometimes when the Gront sent there spirit messengers for your soul it came in the form of animals. The mountain elves believed that the wolf was a messenger of death. Kung was tired. He could feel the disease rotting his very soul start to take control again and he didn’t want that. He wanted to go and finally shed his mortal coil. That’s when he turned his head and saw the messenger of death sent by the Gront. It loomed great before him it‘s black paws reaching and it‘s long snout filled with razor sharp teeth come to rend his soul from his body. It hung in mid air as it lunged mid strike. “so the ancestors have called me finally” he said allowed “then I shall go.” Kung closed his weary eyes.

Thomas’s wolf leaped at the creature and pulled him to the ground. With a swift jerk to the right it’s neck was broken and it’s head was ripped from the body. The wolf spat and whined as it withdrew leaving the skeletal creature lie there. Then with a ghostly howl the creature melted away into dust.

Thomas stepped forward drawing Alase and inspected the remains. “ well I guess that’s one down.” He turned to his wolf. "Figure's I'd pull something out with a strong sense of smell," Thomas thought to himself, "Poor thing, but I'd best see to Calenon first." He looked at Calenon’s limp body as it lay paralyzed at his feet.

Meanwhile Lyn took his chance and jumped at the creature, but to his surprise it moved out of the way and parried his blow. “He can still protect himself I see.” Lyn whined. Lorem readied his sling and a rock. Raising it above his head and started swinging it as he pointed at the last remaining Brother and said in a dark and commanding tone.

"finish him"

A response came from behind him.

"Radiance." Shining upon Aurelious’s breast bore a pendant that shone with light. Aurelious charged the last creature. With his nostrils accustomed to the smell and the sickness thwarted by his own will, this time there was nothing to stop him. He reached back and put his right hand upon a second bastard sword and drew it as he leapt at his enemy.

Munda had felt the loss of his brother and struggled with the rotting illness to let him go. He felt lost without his brother. He had followed his brother in life and death he hadn’t crossed him since the day he died. He had to be free!

“You loved your brother?” The voice came from nowhere and yet everywhere.


“Than go to him.”

Alexander, with one swing, separated the soul from the corpse and let it slip into the Either. The body turned to dust before it hit the ground.

Aurelious sheathed his swords.

“well that’s done” Torden said and turned toward Lorem who lowered his sling. Lyn joined him still bleeding severely from the side. If that’s all we will go back to Valhalla now. Or do you request other service from us?”

“Please make it quick.” added Lyn.

Thomas sheathed his sword as he looked at Calenon. “Nice robes”

Richard put away his dagger as he sniffed the air. “the smell has all but diapered.” he remarked. The wolf sneezed.


Aurelious Wolfbane said...

I offer a small prayer to Sol, and then I help move Calenon into a more comfortable position, and help him gain his feet again (when he recovers).
I look around and attempt to determine if anyone needs wounds treated.

Thomas Mendicant said...

My first thought would be to help Calenon in whatever way possible. My second would be to pet and thank the wolf, giving it a bit of dried meat as a reward, before moving to try and restore any removed corpses to their sarcophagi, being sure to wrap cloth around my hands first to not touch the bones/flesh directly.

"How long has it been since these catacombs were sealed Lorem? I wonder how many ways these creatures have to get in here or how many more there could be. I'd hope not many as they're still finding corpses to feed upon."

Once Lorem answers (if its not something that incredibly merits a response) I would turn to Aurelious. "I had wondered about the choice to carry three such blades at once, yet I hadn't imagined you've the strength and skill to use two at once. That's quite a feat Aurelious, have you always trained in such a manner? Perhaps training to carry the third in your mouth as well?" Thomas chuckles to himself, likely more amused than anyone else would be at the comment.

(Dane, two things have occurred to me. First I was never clear on what was meant by "biter", do I know if they mean the undead or some other creatures? Secondly, I don't think it was made clear in character who's tomb exactly this is, if we were informed about it I have a Bardic Knowledge check of 19 for what I know about it)

Thomas Mendicant said...

Oh I forgot we were doing initiatives for free actions as well (thanks Aaron)

Init: 21

Aurelious Wolfbane said...

(It's actually four. If you read dane's original post where I showed up, before he edited it, he was correct then. I hadn't had my character sheet on me at the time, and thought it was three. My three traditional swords, which occupy the left, middle left, and far right sheaths are all identical, The Alexander, which lay in the middle-right sheath, is slightly larger and more elaborate, and somewhat different craftsmanship.)

As I stand up from (attempting) to help Calenon, I speak: "Only one such blade as The Alexander exists, and there can be such times as I would wish not to wield it. Or, on occasion I would use my blades in a manner which may preclude their loss, or damage, such carelessness can never be applied to The Alexander. In certain rare cases a weapon may require... cleansing, before it would be right to draw upon it again. It is for such a circumstance, that I carry alternatives. As for why I would wield two, as opposed to focusing on one..." I sheath my sword in my left hand (if I haven't already), and display my left hand. You see (well, anyone who is interested), A fine silver chain wrapped around my left palm and fingers. The chain bears the symbol of Sol. It lightly obscures a strange mark on my palm. "With two able arms, I could not let one only ASSIST in the service of Sol, and my own goal. They both serve, as do I."

Aurelious Wolfbane said...

I did not know we were doing INIT for free actions either.
init: 21
same as thomas.

Lorem Ipsum said...

Init: 14

lower sling

"Lyn, Torden I thank you deeply for your service, but i fear i can not keep you. Return to where you came and rest well, for i may have to call on you again."

put away sling and morningstar

see to Calenon (skill heal: 24)and if necessary i make use of my healers kit, but for the moment i with hold items i have only one of and spells

if he recovers:
i attempt to restore the room to order, putting away bodies (without touching), cleaning any thing that might have been disturbed by the battle or the presence of monsters, ect (search: 14)...

all while answering questions to the best of my abilities

when the room is restored (somewhat) i look over my companions and dispense healing as needed(careful not to save spells for combat as best i can)

and finally, i would briefly share with my companions a quick history of this place

[in both answering questions and giving a history i dont dive too much into details and if asked about rebuking the creatures i just say that i put the fear of god in them]

Eric Knutson said...

"Two swords... what a waste of time. Defeating your enemy with one stroke, before he even knows you're there... that is the mark of a fighter of TRUE prowess. On an unrelated note, does anyone know what those things did to me to make me feel as though I've been stricken with some illness and how to reverse it? Ugh... gonna lie down for a while..."

Thomas Mendicant said...

"If you think true prowess comes from one well placed shot in stealth my gloomy friend, then I would call you mistaken. While you lose it all if stealth is unavailable or lost, those who train otherwise always have a chance. Not only is it common sense, but the stories that are passed around...they display the thoughts that ring true in mens' hearts about such things."

Thomas pauses momentarily.

"Don't think I look down upon you for such thoughts though Richard. For sometimes such advantage is truly the only way"

Once general conversation and fixing up of the room is as complete as they can manage, Thomas turns to Lorem. "Do you know the way, or must we test a path here?"

Aaron said...

Init: 8

Calenon gets up eventually, with all of the assistance. "At least you didn't let me die from the bleeding throat wound," he says with only the smallest bit of sarcasm. He takes out a potion and drinks it (Cure Light; it heals 9). "Ah, that's better." He then looks around at everyone and sees the green in most everyone's faces. "What's wrong with all of you? You look like you're going to retch all of you internal organs." (Dane I just remembered that I don't think I ever was sickened.) He walks around, looking at the runes on the walls and looking for objects that look like they may be of magical value as discreetly as possible (Search 22). "So what exactly were those things? And how did they come to be here?"