Friday, June 29, 2007

Chapter 13: Leaving the Dead Lie

Calenon is the first to break ranks as he approached the altar. Leaning forward he inspected the pile carefully, but without touching it, making sure the crystal ball is not there. "I don't see it..."

"Don't be foolish. I was told that Sionaas believed the Crystal Ball of Koral Lierman to be below the catacombs and I can assure you that we are no where near the bottom. Besides if the orb were in the tribute then there it must stay." Lorem spoke trying to usher them out of the room. "Quick thinking with the trap Richard; however I fear that it may not last or that we may not be so lucky with others in this room. It is best we clear out," Lorem spoke to the group, however, his words are as hollow as the compliment he paid Richard. Eyes fixated on the wall and seal he thinks to himself "Why must they have hurried to finish it... what could be behind it."

Finally he pulled his eyes away.

Richard headed for the door as well. "I am inclined to agree with Lorem. With the amount of effort taken in trapping the door, whatever force is guarding the treasure itself is likely that much worse. It seems folly for so much of value to lie here unseen... I suppose that is how it works with royalty to any kind, though."

Aurelious drew his sword as he looked at the seal, it looked like a magic circle, but one he did not like the looks of. "Explain the meaning of this seal. There is more to this Queen Aym, and perhaps we should know anything of importance."

Thomas muttered to himself, agreeing with Aurelious. "This message, your comment on those who would despise the telling," As he turned to Lorem as his words gained volume, "and your other comment of the guards being the last who were loyal...what happened? I fear we are at a loss for not knowing the story behind her tomb Lorem. Is there nothing you can tell us while we remain in this place?"

"I shall consider it... but for now let us return to the burial chamber." Lorem said as he hurried them out of the room.

Thomas looked again at the seal and said to himself. "Is it truly magiced or just a scare tactic? It scares me more that it was done so hastily than if it were to have been impregnable. Wait... What if others searched for the ball, and unleashed something? Only managing to wall it in instead of defeating it...hmm probably not."

"Just assure me that the relic we seek does not lay within this treasure, and I will turn back now... we can have time for such tales later, as long as they are not of immediate importance." Aurelious finally agreed.

Calenon sighed in disappointment. "It's not here." he scowled at the magic symbol. "What a waste of a spell. Oh well; I suppose we had better head back and hope we don't have to punch through any floors." He turned as he headed out the door.

Aurelious grinned. "Well if he's willing to leave. I guess it really isn't here."

"Yea" Thomas grinned as the left the room closing the door behind them.

They traveled back into the narrow hallway. The only light coming from the end of Calenon's staff and Aurelious's chest, the eerie silence of the place enveloped them once again. Climbing what felt like three stories they finally made it back to the low roofed burial chamber, the silent faces of the dead giving them the cold welcome of silence. There were three exits left to them, one which led off to the right and two more across the room both next to each other.


Lorem Ipsum said...

Lorem asks the party if they have anything to mark the path with, if they dont he lights a candle and uses the melted wax to mark the floor in front of the hall they just exited with an "X-1"

Thomas Mendicant said...

Init: 18
Listen: 14
Spot: *crit fail*

(insert this where appropriate depending on where in my action i'd be when Lorem speaks)
"Aside from dumping out some oil, I have nothing of the sort Lorem."

Upon reentering the chamber, Thomas walks across the room to glance down the two remaining pathways.
"I think we should go with this path next," pointing to the one which was 40 ft from where they first entered the room, "I hate leaving the unknown at my back." Leaning against the wall next to the opening, he begins to softly hum a melody he picked up from a 'wise man' he once met. "I hope I won't need the other song he taught me" he thought to himself as he awaited the others.

Eric said...

Init: 8

Yeah, I'm just gonna start gravitating towards the pathway that didn't give me horrible feelings of dread the last time we were here.

Eric said...

(That's just describing my action. I don't say that out loud)

Scott said...

Lorem follows

Aaron said...

Init: 19
Listen: 5
Spot: 7

"As it would apear that the grade of the tunnel is going to be no indicator, that sounds as good as any. Although I wish we didn't have to announce pur presence to anything we might run into with these lights. But I suppose it can't be helped. Anyone have any idea what time it may be?" Calenon also walks towards the path.