Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Chapter 19: A Battle Soon Finished

As the group of stalwart adventures stared at the snarling beast, Aurelious jumped into action. Rushing forward and drawing one of the swords on his back he surprised the snarling beast with a gash on the cheek. Quickly recovering from the blow the creature jumped back only to meet the blade of Richard in the side. Startled the beast recovered again.

Suddenly a call from behind of “No time for this! Agenmem!” Calenon finished his spell, Two steaks of light streaked into the room and swooped through the air. The bolts of light took the form of two hawks of grey light. They screeched toward their target and exploded in a blast of light. When the light subsided the critter’s tail could be seen squirming into it’s burro. Before anyone could react it was gone.

"Was wondering when we'd find these," Thomas mutters as he drew his weapons. Thomas walked to the hole and looked into the inky blackness “Well it’s gone…”