Thursday, June 21, 2007

Chapter 11: Sealed Door

Richard inspected the three hallways that left the burial chamber . To him each path looked the same except for small differences. The last path across the room on the right however was a different matter entirely. This path gave him pause. His normally stoic demeanor seems to give way to a sense of foreboding. He quickly backed up a few steps from the path's entrance, trying to gather himself.

"Richard," Thomas said as he stepped toward him, "are you alright? Perhaps you should rest a bit more to recover from the ghasts? At the very least take a drink of water, you still look as if you've seen hell itself."

Richard shook him off and turned too Lorem. “Is it likely that we would encounter traps?” He asked the dwarf.

"yes, best be on the lookout for them from now on."

“Then I’ll take point.”

“Yes, that’s fine, but which way do we go?” bit Calenon

"I propose we take the nearest pathway first," said Thomas, "but it is based on naught but whim. If anyone has a reason for choosing another direction first I would love to hear it."

Lorem stepped forward and checked the construction and build of each opening. He made note of subtle things such as the count of stones in each arch, weather the path is inclined or declined, if their is wind or odor carried through each path. The path closest to the corridor that they had entered from sloped down at a rate of five inches per ten feet. The path on the left across the room stays level and the path on the right across the room slopes down at a rate of two inches per ten feet. The construction of the paths were of the finest dwarves construction, but the height of the tunnels and the lack of ornamentation seemed to express quick construction. Unfortunately the same black stone that made up the walls seemed to continue.

“No clues, unfortunately. I agree with Thomas.” Lorem concluded.

"I would imagine the orb would have buried itself deep, and so whichever path takes us down fastest seems logical." Calenon chimed in as he leaned against one of the sarcophaguses. Eyeing Richard he added. “... And the first person who retches on me will have the rest of him splattered on the wall.”

"Logical...perhaps. But sometimes that which goes harder does not make the end, or to speak plainly in this case, the steeper slope not necessarily make it as deep. In some places, one may even have to go up to go down good elf. This closer pathway does appear to run steeper though so we shall find what there is to see." Thomas then turned his attention back to Richard. "If you are well enough, lead on Richard. If not, I cannot check for traps but I would be willing to take point."

“Don’t be stupid.” Richard said as he headed down their chosen path. Aurelious turned into stride behind him followed by Calenon, Thomas, and Finally, Lorem. The decent was indeed deep and black as night and silent of death. The only sound was that of their own feet as they marched downward.

Thomas decided to break the silence. “Loyal to the end you say? That whispers of an old tale to my ears Lorem. Would you mind sharing if you can recall it?"

His words were sharp and startled the travelers. Calenon shot him a look.

“I’m afraid I’m not sure what…” stumbled Lorem

“before… you said ‘This is the burial chamber of the first guard of Queen Aym. They were of the few that remained loyal to her to the bitter end. It feels like a story and I love stories."

Lorem frowned. "Ah, it is a tale worth hearing, but not here with their corpses amongst us. The dead can be upset by such tales. Especially told by one who despises the telling."
Silence once again filled the tunnel.

After ninety five feet they suddenly came to another black iron door. Carved into the door is a horrible relief, that of a creature with serpents for legs, coiled among themselves. The heavily muscled torso is draped in the finery of an empress, but where its head should be there are three. One is a lion, one is a bulls, and one is that of a dwarves woman. One of her hands carries a long metal rod and the other holds shut the lions mouth. The carving is so intricate that you can see the rings that adorn it’s fingers. above the door is a small bust of a screaming head wearing a melting crown.

“Creepy.” mutters Calenon

Richard tried the door and found it was locked. When he searched it for entrance he saw that the key had been snapped off in the key hole and heat had been applied melting the key effectively sealing the door. The only way they could get through this door was by forcing it or with magic.


Eric said...

Init: 16

Trap check on the door: 18

Then I'm going to try and use one of the three charges of Open/Close I get on the door.

Thomas Mendicant said...

Init: 19
Listen: 24 (for the otherside of the door)
Bardic knowledge on the imagery:21

*If I've no idea what it means from the check* "Do you have any idea what this imagery is meant to tell Lorem? By the looks of it, I'd almost prefer we try the other paths first."

Aurelious Wolfbane said...

INIT: 16

"I can only hope this door is meant to protect what is inside... and not to protect US from what is inside."

Knowledge religion: 20 (16+4).
Anything I can get or have heard about, etc, that may have any relevance.

I'll ask if anyone has a method of entry, or should we turn back, or attempt to force it open.

Lorem Ipsum said...

Lorem doesnt stop anyone from attempting to open the door, and answers questions about it to the best of his abilities but reminds the group that they are not to disturb the dungeon, and suggest that maybe thomas was right, and that we must go up to go down. after a few min if their is no success in getting through he suggests that they return and mark this path as tried with wax or something and try another.

[ooc- how is lorem's darkvision working out in this place?]

Lorem Ipsum said...

also out of character:
Dane, i seem to be getting alot of questions about this place, as I am the dwarf sent to guide the group, but as a player i dont really know any of the answers. And it feels a bit aquard to have to keep saying "lorem answers to the best of his ability" and it makes him a little harder to play too as he wants to be helpful to the group but also sees knowledge as power and doesnt want to give it all up at once.

the only other option i see is for you to tell me and for me to then relay it on, but this would be combersome as you would have to create a bunch of back story that may or may not be ever used.

any ideas?

Aaron said...

Init: 15

"So I can Knock the door and just set it back up, right? If this group is going to let one little door discourage our efforts, I don't much like our chances of success. But, if that is.... unacceptible..." he glares at the dwarf quickly, "I suppose we may have to turn back." He waits, somewhat patiently even, so see what develops.

Lorem Ipsum said...

"Have at it if you must, this temple already requires a stoneworking team to do repairs, as well as an extermination team to catch what we dont, so one more door wont be that much more for them to repair. I just dont want us going out of our way to break things if their is another way."

Aurelious Wolfbane said...


After Calenon adds his commentary: "One should never mistake, Master Calenon, careful consideration for inaction or discouragement. If you were prepared to gain entrance as such... but nevermind. It is not my place to speak on your actions. I may suggest, however, that if the key is melted inside the lock, would it be possible to melt the key to remove it from the lock completely? It might then be possible to open the lock via... alternative methods."

Eric said...

Richard: "Wait! Nobody do anything! The door is trapped... a very old trap from the looks of it... quite intricate... I don't know what it's supposed to do or how not to make it do what it's supposed to do. I can try disarming it, but it would require studying it for some time."

Scott said...

"Yeah you study it, i am gonna wait over here" moving backwards, "better yet you study it and a couple of us can look down another hallway to see it it appears any more open... Any takers?... i am not suggesting that we 'split up' but maybe we could speed things up a bit."

Aurelious Wolfbane said...

"After our previous encounter, I would strongly advise we stay as a single group."

Aaron said...

"It's simple. Richard, look at the trap. If you think you can disarm it, do it, and I will Knock the door. Otherwise, we will move on to somewhere else. This is getting quite ridiculous."

Eric said...

"Here goes nothing."

Disable Device: 26

Thomas Mendicant said...

If scouting the next hallway is deemed acceptable: Listen 25 / Spot 10 / Move Silently 14

*Since no response from Lorem about the meaning of the imagery or from Dane about result of Bardic Knowledge check*

Somewhat raising his voice, Thomas chides the elf. "Calenon, I suggest you take a moment to collect yourself. Your ire at the discussion of our course, given a door decorated as this is, serves only to harm our cause. I will not have us be rushed through here at risk to our lives because of your impatience."
Thomas runs a free hand through his hair while giving another glance at his companions and the door. "Lorem I ask again, do you have any cause to believe something is sealed behind this door that we will likely wish to avoid if possible given this image? If not, then by all means Richard, disable the trap. I'll go whatever path the majority rules on. If you believe it may take some time though, Aurelious or Lorem and I could take a glance down the next hallway. I'd much prefer fighting in the open space of the room above than a space such as this and who knows if something else came to investigate the scene of our fight. I do not relish the idea of being pinned in."