Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Chapter 9(con): A Few Flashes of Light

“mor!” Calenon swore loudly as he saw Aurelious and Richard laid low. Faced with the situation at hand, Thomas quickly shuffled through his mental notes. Undead. Undead. Undead. Wait. There was that dwarf at the Wa-wa Greco, that bar on the far side of Hedon. What did he say again? Oh yes…

“Nær Moridan Skjegg! The undead are all over the northern mountains nowadays! It’s gitten how ya can’t even walk outside the main caves anymore without some Ghoul attacking you. Wha? Hell no Ghouls aint that tough, clever, but just tap em and they go down. Naw! Whatcha gotta watch out for are the Ghasts! Another Yams Piss over here, with extra lemon! Those bastards got the paralyzing touch, disease riden bite, and to top it off, they got the stench of hell hangen round em! Git within ten feet and you get all sick and pale like a son of Aym ‘er self!” He spat, “But see the trick is the stench acts like a poison, so a cleric can remove the sickness just quick as can be, not to mention turn the bastards and have Moradin shove em back into the cages of Adamander! Just don’t get near em, that’s all. Where’s my Yam Piss!”

“Huh. Wish I had remembered that earlier…” Thomas lamented as he pulled out his lute, given to him by his master and crafted by some of the finest craftsmen in Hedon. Jumping into action Thomas quickly rattled off: “ Lorem, If Ada…Mordin permits, you can remove their afflictions as you would a poison and the paralysis as you would remove … paralysis. Now here goes nothing!”

Lacking the time to prepare proper light Thomas chose a more available light source emanating from Calenon’s staff. His choice in mind he called up the ancient spirits of Entmark and began The Chant of the Noonday Sun:

A soft strum on the lute brought a strange hush over the room as time momentarily stood still. The shadows danced and crept toward the light as it seemed to fade, but if you looked at the small lighted crystal at the end of Calenon’s staff, you would say it was on fire. Thomas’s voice, deep and broken in the ancient Entmarkian tongue, sand out into the room in a rhythmic dance.

“Out of darkness solstice night,
Blessed Mother births the Light
As the burning noonday sun”

The lute strummed again, as Thomas added his patented flair to the traditional Entmarkian chant. The light which was now a bright flame danced and flickered to the music.“Lady weave your circle tight Spin a web of golden lightinto the burning noonday sun”The Lute twanged as the light finally could not be contained within it’s crystalline shell and broke free filling the room with a blinding flash of light. The skeletons of the ancient dwarves are caught in frame as the flash light the room. The horror sitting on the sarcophagus was caught off guard and his eyes glazed over. His head swam as if in a daze.

“From the night the Light reborn,
Out of darkness into morn
We are of the infinite sun.”

The bard finished with one final strum as the light in the cave returned to it’s normal gloomy condition.

“Just like a bard, all flash and no practicality!” Calenon exclaimed as he backed himself to the doorway just next to Thomas. He reached into a pouch at his side and pulled out a small black gooey blob which he placed in the palm of his hand while he began the magic mantra. This hand began to form signs, mashing the gooey something into a paste, which he mixed with a pinch of powder from his pouch. His mantra grew pore pronounced as the spell neared completion. Finally he drew a small dart from his bag and placed it upon the goo in his palm up hand. The mixture started to glow a phosphorescent green as Calenon finished the spell. “Addak Randan Aido!” and with that he flicked the dart toward the ghastly thing sitting burnt and dazed upon the sarcophagus. The dart seemed to melt in mid air forming a phosphorescent streak across the room, and for just a second, it seemed to form into a viper, right before it struck the creature in the chest. The creature screamed as it was broken from it’s haze. The liquid on it’s chest bubbled and fizzled cracking and breaking the skin where it touched, the creatures black blood oozing out from his chest.

Calenon Smirked.

“well mine didn’t require me to get krap on my hand…” Thomas remarked

Calenon scowled and wiped his hand on Thomas’s shoulder.

Meanwhile Aurelious drug himself to his feet and stumbled back to the door way next too Thomas and Calenon He pulled out Alexander and said “I now call upon your power.”
“then draw it forth. Or are you to weak?” asked the voice. He lowered Alexander in disgust as doubled over again. He had to calm down and keep his head. He could not let his emotions get to him as they had. Well at least he’d keep his eyes on one of them, at least.
Richard, on the other hand, tried to move his body but found he couldn’t. "Oh crap, I'm paralyzed!" Richard thought to himself.

Unbeknown to them Lorem was completing his own “spell” as he sat behind one of the sarcophagi. His small mutterings that mixed the celestial language and that of ancient Dwarfish crescendoed into a shout.

“Adamander få vite мой молитва. Send me strength for victory and valor and let me face my fate with courage, and should I not receive victory let me die with honor! Send me the formynder of Valhalla!”

Suddenly there is a bright flash of lightning, which again illuminated the bodies that line the room, casting eerie shadows upon the walls. Then, suddenly, the walls shook with a resounding boom. There, Sitting next to Richard, in a thinly veiled smoke, were two large dogs with colors of extremely fine Dwarvin make. They looked like large Bernese mountain dogs with a black coat with white stomach fur, but both seemed to have a golden holy glow about them. On there collars were tags. One had the picture of a lightning bolt and the other had the picture of a storm cloud. Lorem suddenly heard two voices in his head.

“it is I Torden!”

“and me Lyn”

“And together me are Lyn and Torden, the form…” A terrible howl filled the room as the two celestial dogs smelled the foul stench of the creatures. Lyn seemed to sneeze and be rid of the smell, but Torden stuck his tail between his legs and grew sickly looking.

“what would you have Lyn and Torden do?”

“guard the man laying next to you.”

“You need not worry about him any more! Come Torden! Too battle!”

“I don’t feel so good…”

“You shouldn’t have eaten before we left!”

Lorem stopped listening to the dogs and jumped to his feet. He wanted to see what this terrible smell was that had the power to down a grown man. Carefully he moved toward the creature still reeling from the acid splattered across his chest. He took a sniff and nearly was sick himself, but he pulled himself together and backed off. It would be best to deal with these things from afar as he could taste the poison in the air.
As Torden and Lyn took position by Richards body, the other ghastly brother, unaware of flashes of light and summoned dogs, only knew that there was fresh meat just on the other side of this sarcophagus. He got up and moved around, to find himself next to two prepared holy dogs.

“we smite thee!” The dogs barked and attacked the monster. Torden ripped at his left hand and Lyn tore into his calf. Not only were the dogs vicious, but their attacks carried with them the power of holy force. But the Horror does not stand there without a fight. He slashes a huge gash along Lyn’s right side, blood dripping from his black claw.


Thomas Mendicant said...

Init: 7

With a bit of a grin Thomas looks at the mess left on his shoulder. *in grey elven* "A bit low mannered for one such as yourself Calenon"

*back in common*
Unstrapping a rust colored bag from his side, Thomas continues speaking. "I suppose I should let a friend come out to play as well." Pulling out a small fuzzy spherical object he tosses it towards the ghast hit by Calenon's spell, and upon impact it changes into a wolf. Ordering it to attack, Thomas again switches from his lute to his weapons expecting the worst.

Aurelious Wolfbane said...

Well... I guess I vomit some more.

Aaron said...

Init: 23

"Not getting any better is it?" I use the staff to cast Bear's Endurance on Aurelious and begin to draw my longbow. (Don't forget about the 8 points of acid damage this round as well, please, Dane.)

"Looks like we'll be here a while."

Lorem Ipsum said...

Init: 14

att: 5
dmg: 5

Init: 4

att: 20 (18 +2)
dmg: 4

init: 2

if both monsters are alive within site and range
"Enough!" Lorem shouts as he drops weapon and draw holy symbol from around neck, "your time in this place has long since ended. You have been defeated either by steel or disease or old age before but now you think you can cheat and have new life!" no longer yelling at them but rather issueing a decree "You have cheated at the most holy of holy games and now you must be punished"

Lorem rebukes them: nat 20+4 can rebuke creatures of up to 8HD

roll 4 + 1 + 4(level) + 4(cha)=13
can rebuke up to 13 HD

"Be still as my dogs free you of this perversion you call an afterlife!"

to the dogs:"go for the jugular"
else Lorem switches to his sling and readies a rock.
(i believe that takes a full action if not he attacks)