Monday, May 28, 2007

Chapter 9: The Ghastly brothers

The corridor continued for what seemed like an eternity. No devices were carved into the wall. No statues were found. One could tell that the Dwarves felt no love for this place, and their feelings were shown in the architecture. Now the party moved along nothing to keep their attention but the light from the end of Calenon’s staff, the horrible smell of rotting dwarf, and the ever growing sound of munching and tearing of flesh. Richard hung back and stuck a match against the wall, it flared and lit, but even the natural flame didn’t help to make the light carry farther in this awful blackness. Richard frowned and took his place after Calenon in the marching order. The corridor curved slightly as they traveled and after about another seventy feet, an opening could finally be seen within their radius of light.

"If there is chewing, however, I imagine it's likely to be a biter. Prepare yourselves." Calenon warned and started chanting the spider language of a spell. As it finished Calenon spoke a final word. “Drokkat!” And his body was covered in a blue sheen. At long last the party emerged into another chamber.

The chamber was quite large but the ceiling was low only, about six feet in height. The room stretched about fifty-five feet long ways and about forty-feet at it’s widest most point. The room was shaped like a lima bean, oval shaped but bent in the middle. Their were four exits to the room, the door way they were standing in which lied at one end of the room, a passage fifteen feet to their left, another passage about forty feet away across the room, and a fourth passage way at the far end of the room a good sixty feet away. The room mass made of the same polished black stone. The chamber was apparently the burial chamber for a dwarfish guard of some kind. Six Dwarfish sarcophagi were spread evenly across the room, providing about five feet of movement space between them, and the remains of honored dwarves lined the walls each occupying it’s own alcove. The sarcophagi were intricately carved with the death shrouds of each dwarf and the ancient dwarven language was written among the alcoves in the walls and upon the floor itself.

But the specifics of the room were not what interested the party as they entered the catacomb. No. What interested the party where the two horrors that had overturned a few of the sarcophagi and were now gnawing upon the decade flesh of the dwarves. They looked like they once were human, but that vestige had been shed long ago. Their flesh, which was purple and rotten, hung off them exposing their skeletal frame and the stench of death and corruption that hung around them was overwhelming. They looked up from their ghastly meal as the light entered the room and reflected off their pale black eyes. Tearing meat off the leg in his hand opened his mouth wider than a human mouth would allow, exposing tears in his cheeks, and spoke in the Entmarkian tongue with a voice that seemed like it hadn‘t spoken in years.

“I … see… fresh meat.”

The other looked up holding what was left of a decayed heart and let out an unearthly howl which echoed in the stifling silence of the place.

“Well least we see where the smell comes from.” Remarked Thomas


Aaron said...

Init: 25

"Oh wonderful, walking corpses. MOVE!" (Mechanics: I either stay where I am or move forward to be within 35 ft. BTW, I'm at AC 17)He once again begins to chant in the spidery language of magic. (Scorching Ray; Ranged touch attack at the closest; modified roll 21 (-4=17 if someone moves into melee before my init); 15 damage, no save). He smirks as he finishes the spell. "I have a feeling they won't like it cooked."

Lorem Ipsum said...

[seems to have lost my post... i will try to remember my rolls]

init: 19

anticipating a short battle Lorem advances and attacks (att: 17 dmg: 7)

AC: 21

Eric said...


Init: 14
Attack: 10

Should a 10 actually hit

Damage: 3

Thomas Mendicant said...
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Eric said...

My damage is actually 5, I'm dumb

Thomas Mendicant said...

Init: 22

Attack Roll:17 DR: 6
(AC is at 20 from fighting defensively + Karmic strike. So I also get an AoO on the first thing that hits me until my next turn. That Attack roll:16 damage:8)

Thomas held back a shiver at the sight of the abominations. While the creatures are undeniably horrifying to gaze upon, it was currently a case of two versus five. Resisting the urge to hang back, Thomas withholds the use of spells or song. Instead, drawing Alasse in one hand and his silver broadblade short sword in the other...
(If within 30 ft)
Thomas moves forward saying "We'd best take these out quick in case that howl draws more, or worse."

Thomas makes his way towards the closest creature and attacks, taking effort to avoid any retaliatory strikes.
(use the rolls from above)
If more than 30, less than 60 feet instead go with this:

Taking a step forward (5-ft step), Thomas sets himself in a defensive posture.

"Let's see what these creatures are capable of. I'd rather have more distance from what we've yet to see during a fight anyway."
If more than 60 ft, close half the distance and say the above.

Aurelious Wolfbane said...

I stride towards the closest undead, drawing The Alexander (I might already have it out though.) If it's within 60 feet, I close and attack. Attack Roll: 19 (11+8)
Damage Roll: 28 (9 on the roll, +4 from wielding Alexander Two handed, +1 from it being magic=14, and since I believe they are undead I doubled.)

If They are farther than 60 I will close 60 feet and assume a defensive stance. Either way, during my action, I say: "Sin against he who is above all... Your dust shall salt the earth!!"

(Sry about the delay all... never again.)

Aurelious Wolfbane said...