Saturday, May 5, 2007

Chapter 1: Man of the Golden Order

The sun beat down on the green hills of Entmark. Aurelious looked out at the road upon which the Caravan was heading, the words of the Arcane Order representative, who had found him yesterday, still fresh in his mind.

“Sir Aurelious Wolfbane of the Wolfbane Clan. Paladin of Sol and initiate of the Golden Dragon Order. I come bearing news from Myrcian Capital.” he had proclaimed.

He and his party were still licking their wounds from their encounter with that crazed farmer and his man eating pets. Ankegs… huge borrowing insects that seemed to attack from nowhere. Half of their party was dead, the other half didn’t fair much better. One guy had suffered “wounds” unlike any he had seen. This news from Myrcia didn’t sound like something he wanted to be a part of, especially with “him” still out there.


“There is a request from the arcane gild and the temple of Sol for you to investigate a magical power in Entmark.” He had never heard of Entmark, let alone knew where it was.

“I’m already on a mission.”

“We know Sir, but this shouldn’t take much of your time.”

“How am I supposed to get there?”

“I’ll teleport you Sir.”

Aurelious didn’t like mages. The church and the Arcane Order had been at odds ever since the end of the clockwork wars. Besides he didn’t really like this guys face.

“forget it.”

“but …”

“I said no.” Aurelious turned and went to see what he could do for his companion upstairs.

“There have been reports of a relic.” Aurelious stopped

“and… Undead have been seen in the area…”

So that is how Aurelious had come to find himself sitting on the front of a covered wagon, owned by a family of traveling merchants who were apart of a Caravan, heading toward the small town of Mu’bamwe. Aurelious yawned involuntarily. It was midnight in Myrcia, but here it was morning, so he hadn’t slept since the teleport. The arcane representative had told him he was supposed to go see a mage by the name of Sionaas where he would get more information, gave him the amulet around his neck which allowed him to speak and understand the language here, shown him on to this caravan, and promptly disapeared as quickly as he had came without so much as a good luck, let alone answer any questions. Aurilious didn't realy like mages.

He glanced at his new traveling companion. A man who called himself Thomas Mendicant . Short blond hair and piercing hazel eyes. Actualy he was the only blond person he had seen, and his skin was lightest he had seen in this area. Other than that this fellow seemed to be averagely dressed and averagely sized for the area. Actualy he looked like any other human peasant. Any other human peasant that carried a magical sword and wove fantastic tales of the places he had been and the creatures he had seen. Right now he was in the back of the covered wagon regaling the caravans children with a tail of how he had fought with a great owlbear and lived. He was an alright sort of fellow, but seemed very interested in Aurelious who had tried to remain aloof.

Aurelious looked out at the sky. He reached back and unsung the largest of the three swords on his back. He grabbed it’s jeweled hilt and ran his thumb along the intricate design of the Wolfbane crest formed at the apex of the blade and hilt. He drew the bastard sword halfway out from it’s black leather sheath and mouthed the ancient runes written along the blood grove on the blade.


“He comes for you… he will kill you and use your hide to carpet his floor!” Aurelious grimaced and sheathed Alexander, the crackling laugh still ringing in his ears. The burden of Alexander was a great one, but he was the last Wolfbane… he would endure.

“you alright” the driver who sat next to him asked, a concerned look upon his face.

“I’m fine” Aurelious stated bluntly as he reslung Alexander, “how long till we reach the town?”

The merchant shrugged.

“It’s not far now.”

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