Friday, May 4, 2007


There is a world called Rune.

It exists deep in the depths of space content within it’s own crystal sphere. Protected by the Clockwork Cloud and the shadow of it’s Star, Sol, the world of Rune is kept secret from the depths of the galaxy. It is a place of Magic and Monsters.
A place of Dungeons and Dragons.
And upon this world there are those who have their own story to tell.
A story of danger, sorrow, joy, and honor.
A story of adventure…
This is their Story:


Tribunal said...

And so these mortal's begin thier story.

Lorem Ipsum said...

sorry for taking so long to post
not exactly sure how much of a bio i am supposed to post but here is what i was thinking

dwarven cleric name Lorem Ipsum
extremely ambitious loves political maneuvering as means to achieve status and wealth.

tends to view everything as a game with a winning and a loosing side, and he hates to loose.

his loyalty is extreme yet flippant. in his youth he had the tendency to attach himself to his superiors coattails and ride them until he saw no further gain atwich point he would ride someone elses.

this tactic worked well and he rose to a mediocre position in a dwarven church quickly. and while now his loyalty is less reliant on what the other has to offer he is still quick change and has a long history of walking on others backs on his way up from a commoner. Providing ample opportunity for for backlash. but then again the game would be no fun if there was no risk.

Publicly he worships the god of dwarves; privately he worships the god of death as his favorite game is the game of life.

again i dont know your world do whatever you want with this to make it work or fit your story /world.

looking forward to playing with you agian

Thomas Mendicant said...

Before you stands a man a bit under 6 feet with short blond hair and hazel eyes, quite the oddity for an Entmarkian. While dressed as a peasant, the sparkle of swords at his belt and glints of metal beneath the tears of the cloth speak otherwise to anyone who pays him much attention.

Walking the streets he seems as any other man, but once in a tavern, or approached by a pack of children in the streets, one notices the glint in his eye. Performing is his how Thomas finds his fun in life, whether storytelling or singing and strumming either the lute or harp. His favorite performances, and probably his best, are those tales and songs of dragons he has acquired.

"Ah dragons. Perhaps the most glorious creatures to behold in the world. One day I will find one and speak with him or her. Until that day comes I will search, I will train, and I will sing and spin tales until my mouth goes dry. Whatever it takes, I will find these magnificent beasts if it is the last thing I do."

Eric Knutson said...

Richard Von Weber

Once upon a time he was a young man and a wide-eyed optimist, choosing woodworking as his profession He was entrusted with the somewhat morbid task of building coffins for the dead in his small town, but embraced his role, trying to perfect his craft to honor all the dearly departed who inhabited the coffins he made. He became bitter and disillusioned with the world, however, once fighting in his town forced him to build coffins not for old men whose best days had come and gone and lived without regret, but for young men who died senselessly and gruesomely. This downturn in Richard's psyche came to a head when the love of his life, who tried to remain neutral in the conflict, became a casualty of it. Richard was torn by grief, but mostly angry at such a pointless and heinous murder. He began to think that the world was not of order, but of chaos, and that living a life of virtue would not necessarily be rewarded. He began brutally killing all who opposed him, beginning with those directly involved in the murder of the love of his life. His woodworking became a medium for his madness, as he made coffins of unique macabre designs for each of his victims. He now roams around as he pleases in solitude, stalking the shadows, looking for more men who he deems to be of poor character so that he might serve as their judge, jury, and executioner.

At 6'2" he is not a giant of a man, but is still quite imposing when he wants to be. He dresses in unassuming black garb, with long hair equally as dark, usually masking the details of his face from a distance. He has a lengthy scar across one cheek, which he wears like a badge of honor.