Tuesday, May 1, 2007

A Story Begins!

Okay! Here's the idea. I want to do a simple dungeon crawl using online posts. One dungeon, no campains, no heavy duty role play. Just problem solving and story telling. We check the board, hopefully every day. Those interested befriend me and reply to this post with a big ole A-OK.


1. Portions are writ with as much detail as you can muster. The more interesting it is the better. (here's looking at you Matt)

2. Keep answers within three, count em' three, paragraphs so that it won't take all day for me to read the stuff. (in fact one is perfered)

3. Make all roles yourself and post them. Start out each round with initiative. (I'll be using the optional initiative rules for simplicity's sake) It's on your honor, so please don't cheat. I'll know (with my super duper Dane powers)

4. Try to post every day (by midnight)

5. No crazy, crazy characters. I like creativity, but if you have to send me three pages explaining how your character came into being, I don't want to hear about it and I don't want to have to deal with people not being able to fit through doorways.

This might be a good idea to try out any Living Greyhawk ideas. 4th level characters, fist to post gets to be 5th. Buy all mundane items with starting gold. Subtract 2000 for the magical Items I will give you. You may make requests, but buy a sword if you want a sword. Keep an eye on encumbrance too, it might be important. The game will be in Rune, 3rd age. Let me know!


Thomas Mendicant said...

I'm not sure how exactly you want this done. Unless you just want use to post purely by commenting on your posts you'll have to give us name/pass access for this.

Anyways, here's what I got character wise. I'll e-mail you the rest of the info b/c there's no sense in cluttering this space for the other players with my precise character build.

Name: Thomas Mendicant
Class: Bard/Fighter (eventually Dragon Disciple?)
Race: Human
Align: CG

5'9". Short blonde hair, hazel eyes, medium build. Tends to dress unassumingly.

Demeanor: Loves to tell stories of fantastic creatures to people, especially younger children

Fascinated by tales of magic and creatures as a child, Thomas became enamored with with lifestyle of a bard. He would constantly come home late from either exploring the nearby forests or listening to the old men spin their tales at the local tavern. Eventually, his parents gave in and wrote to a bard they had once given aid to. It was he who took Thomas in, and began to teach him the ways of bards.

Over time Thomas learned much about the world, from how to fight kobolds to the favorite snacks of ogre mages. However, the one subject his mind always lingered over was that of dragons. Ever since he first saw a tapestry depicting a gold dragon, he felt they were the most majestic creatures he would ever lay eyes upon. It is his dream to learn enough about them to find and converse with one. Realizing it would be a most difficult journey, he has spent some time training as a fighter as well.

Eric Knutson said...

Name: Richard Von Weber
Class: Rogue
(I don't know how much we're going to level in this thing, if at all, but I want to try out Avenging Executioner from Complete Scoundrel)
Race: Human
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Age: Let's go with 27

Appearance: Long, pitch black, grody looking hair that partially obscures his face. Very unpleasant looking demeanor. Maybe some sort of a scar across one cheek.
Attire: To borrow a line from Johnny Cash:
"I'd love to wear a rainbow every day
And tell the world that everything's okay
But I'll try and carry off a little darkness on my back
'Till things are brighter
I'm the man in black"

Okay, I don't know exactly what the lore of this setting is, or whatever, but basically for this to work wherever Richard lives has to either be on the front of an actual war, or like a small town that's controlled by gangs in the middle of a bloody power struggle. For purposes of this I'm just going to say "war" but it can be either or.

Richard's profession was woodworking. More specifically he made coffins. His small town had always been quiet and unassuming, and so his services, fortunately, were not needed often. This all changed when the war came to his town. Richard was horrified by all the innocent people he began to see put in the ground. He first tried to become a Robin Hood sort of people, stealing covertly from both sides of the conflict and giving his plunder to those who had their homes destroyed, or had been crippled in the conflict. He fell in love with a young girl who was employed as a healer for one side, but who would treat anyone who asked for aid indiscriminately. She would be killed by a stray arrow.

After this, Richard became bitter and disillusioned with the world. He systematically tracked down and killed anyone remotely involved with the killing of the girl he loved, bringing along a coffin of his own design to each assassination. He now roams around killing those who try and cross him somehow, or anyone else he deems to be of especially bad character.

Basically, he's Batman, except with a screw loose and without, you know, the whole 'turn people over to the police so they can receive a fair trail' thing.

Eric Knutson said...

By "just problem solving" does that imply that there is going to be no combat of any kind? Because it occurs to me that I'm making my character to be really combat oriented. Screw it, I'm going it anyway. Even if we just solve puzzles I'll just try and solve them by breaking shit.

LifeBane said...

Dane, am I supposed to watch and observe this, or participate? If Im joining in, think I should use Aurelious or something like that, or whip up someone new? (Couldn't remember when 3rd age was...) Also, I assume since your running it standard 4d6 floating? Good to hear from ya.

Dane said...

Yes! please! join in everyone! It will start as soon as I have a fourth player. 4d6 is fine, if your trying out a living grey hawk character 28pt buy is fine too. sup to you. Please email me at dwhite@iwu.edu with character specifics and equipment carried. I'll keep track of that kind of stuff. You can buy any minor potions or cure potions with your starting gold.

I was thinking that I would post an encounter and you could "comment" on it. then I would take your comments and, while using your exact words as possible, weave them into the overarching action. that way there is a narative that you can just read on the post board. However if you prefer I can make you guys members and we can just post as a back and forth - like a bulitain board. what do you think?

Dane said...

Aurilius will be perfect, he's already Rune third age and it will be easy to explain how you got where you are and are doing what your doing. I'll even give you experiance for the other campaign... and you never know what you'll kill...

I'm going to make another post for just character profile's so that we can use this space for just board nonsence.

Dane said...

Ok the board entitled introduction is where I'd like to repoast your character bios. Please do so. Once I have four characters I will post a prolouge thing and we can begin!

Aaron said...

I'll work on my character over the next couple days - he's not done yet. Just wanted to say I'm interested.

Aaron said...

I, the youngest of three boys, was always weaker than the other children. My brothers and parents were always worried about me. In my desire to not be a burden on them, I started looking into magic.

The bug bit me; I was fascinated. I studied hours and hours everyday and talked to the wizards of the village as much as possible. They taught me some, but I was not of proper birth to be granted true power.

But I craved it. I was frustrated in my attempts to convince the elders to allow me to study further. I even tried taking higher level items and spellbooks, to no avail. Finally, I saw I would have to leave.

I formed my plan carefully, over many weeks. Early one bright morning, I asked to go on the hunt with my brothers. Having never shown interest before, they were eager to have me accompany tem, eager to teach. Sometimes I feel bad about what I put them through...

In any case, a boar surprised and scattered us: perfect for my purposes. I knew which way the nearest town was: the way we were told never to go. I made the proper signs, as if I were lost, but eventually pointed my brothers in the wrong direction. They must have trusted my signs, for they did not find me.

And so I stepped into the strange town, fearful but eager to increase my skills... (end first person; begin FF6-like intro)

Representative of an almost forgotten race; amber eyes shining with intelligence and a desire for power.

Calenon Handir

DM said...

If once your characters meet, feel free to carry on a character- character conversation in any of the comment areas. That will give me a good sence of how I should write your character and how he feels about the other characters.

DM said...

Please repost your completed character bios under "Introduction"

DM said...

I know I said check the board every day but this might be impossible for some, including me. Therefore I want to try to post every other day.

also I am in tokyo and there will be times that I will be traveling/doing stuff and will be unable to check the board. don't worry I'll be back

Remember these types of games take a while to play due to it's nature. Thats why I'm writing in narative type form. I need your imput, yes, but view it like a web commic. Just check everyday and see if there's anything new. If so post your responce. If not check out Doctor Mc.Ninja or something. relax peoples this is suposed to be fun.

Finaly if you want your character to do nothing please state so, not not post kudasai.


DM said...

please post as such:




in that order, please post as much as possible with each post. remember to roll anything you want for your actions, and declair your actions. If you don't type what your character does, he doesn't do it. (with all the side effects) any questions please ask them on the "Story begins" post.


Thomas Mendicant said...


How are we working combat? Do we give you a round at a time and wait for everyone else to post, or the first round of combat and then a general idea of how we'd act?

DM said...

For ease of play use the previous system:



character stuff

I envoke the optional play rules from the players handbook. everyone will post thier actions and then I will decide what will happen in the corse of play. Note,I will try to fix action errors in the narative.

DM said...

PS: all of you horrably failed your listen checks to hear the ghastly brothers, except for richard which is why you got an extra round to prep. However the bros also horrably failed thier listen checks to here the door scrape open (crit fail) and so you were not ambushed. Thought i`d let you know.