Friday, July 13, 2007

Chapter 16: A Surprise

With more than a few grumbles the party turned around and head back thought the winding tunnel. They noticed traveling back a slight upward grade that had been unnoticeable before. The new lantern cast flickering shadows upon the walls of the tunnel, silhouetting the travelers as they ascended. Leaving the blue light behind them found their way back into the mural room.

The mural room was just as large as they remembered and although the light of the lantern helped them see the adventurers still saw fit to cling to the wall so as not to loose their way. Traveling left they relived the tale of Aym's reign on the throne, all the way too the end when she was kept from entering through the gates, all without meeting another entrance. There was now only two exits out of the room, including the path they had just come back through which left only the path back too the guards burial chamber which was now some where over the pile of rubble that littered the floor.

"But I thought..." Muttered Richard.

"Aye..." agreed Lorem. "Something is amiss. The Murals show no sign of another entrance either and this pile of rubble seems bigger than before..."

"What the hell is going on?" Calenon exclaimed.


Eric said...

Init: 19

Spot: 5 (trying to discern anything I can about how where specifically this rubble fell from)

Richard looks around the room, occasionally sifting through the fresh rubble.

"Well, you may get your wish after all, Calenon. Let's just hope this doesn't become a repeated occurrence or this place might become a tomb for more than just the queen."

Aurelious Wolfbane said...


I search the wall for any trace of the entrance. SEARCH: 13

"Either we triggered something, causing this to happen, or-I gesture at the pile of rubble with my sword-something is here actively working against us."

Thomas Mendicant said...

Init: 12
Wisdom check to recall where the doorway should have been? : 17
Spot: 17
Search:Natural 20 (31)

In response to Calenon as we left the previous room
"Tsk. Just stop treating us as baggage"

Upon reentering the mural room "Well this is unsettling."
Thomas begins to look over the room in an attempt to discern what happened to the path he believed should exist as well as the nature of the rubble pile. " there any protocol for another to come looking for us should we become trapped and you not return?"

If the pathway is not rediscovered and nothing interesting discovered with the rubble
"Well Calenon, looks like we take the other path after all. Lets just hope what happened here is some preset magic of the place and not something alive...or undead....working against us."

DM said...

It looks like there is a secret door just before the last scene in the wall, but to open it is unknown. The rubble seems to be coming from the last mural as another bit of it has been torn away by movement of some kind. Apperantly the door closed while you were gone leaving no trace of it's disapearence.

"fine dwarven work" Admires Lorem

(Nice 20 thomas, and Richard a need a search check... still)

Eric said...

Search: 12

Aaron said...

Init: 10
Search (free for the secret door): 18

"Baggage?!" Calenon says through clenched teeth. He opens his mouth as if to retort..... and stops abruptly. He seems to be in thought and may even look contrite as Thomas and Richard speak in the next room.

"I....I'm sorry. I guess I sort of have been treating you all like "baggage." Not only am I not used to working with people who are not my own, I'm not really used to working with other people at all. In the future, I will attempt to be more understanding... I hope."

Lorem Ipsum said...

init: 12

[has the presence of new doors revealed more of the mural?]

"Well down it is"

Thomas Mendicant said...

(Dane, Is there anything significant about what is in the mural where the hidden door now stands? What do I recall of the part of the mural that crumbled down since we first entered the rooms? (wis check 15)

"I will admit I'm far more curious as to why the door shut and what lay behind it. As outlandish as it may seem, for the complete lack of information on it and a hope nothing is working against us, I would guess it has something to do with the change in the mural." Thomas pauses to point at the rubble on the floor. "However, I will not mindlessly demand anyone's time to solve this if it is a general consensus we have no idea what we are doing."

"As for you," Thomas's demeanor turns dramatically grim as he turns and walks towards the elf to grab his attention. Changing back to a normal tone as Calenon looks at him, "I do believe we got off onto the wrong foot. Thomas Mendicant, at your service." Smiling, he again reaches his hand out to the elf as he did when he believed him Sionaas.

Eric said...

"Curiosity killed the cat, or the bard in this case. Let's just head down. You may have reservations about heading down through the opening, but I can't imagine messing with this door ending well for any of us if we know nothing of the nature of it."

I'm just going to start walking back towards where we were debating heading down via rope, lest another debate about what to do start.

Also, Dane I responded to your Facebook message

DM said...

it looks like the mural of Aym standing before the gates of Admander has slid over the opening alowing more of the crumbled wall to enter into the room. No more mural is showing, but it looks like a bit of the old mural is worn away.

The doors stand at a the three points of a triangle from each other, egualy spaced around the room.

Aaron said...

Init: 13

Calenon smirks pleasantly. "Well met, master bard. Calenon Handir." He takes his hand and shakes it. "Now, as far as this door is concerned, I think either something we did down the other corridor caused it to close, or there's some kind of time element involved. Possibly both. That is, if it was something we did that actually affected this door. However, I really don't have any ideas on what to do to open it. Considering the feeling Richard had about the other path in the previous room," he smirks again, "as some of you have said, it looks like I may get my wish after all."

Thomas Mendicant said...

"It would be too much time to clear this rubble given what we have. So yes, let us be off."
Thomas follows Richard down the corridor.

Aurelious Wolfbane said...

I walk over to hole.
(Yea, thats all)