Thursday, July 19, 2007

Chapter 16 (con): A Suprise

The door stood hard against thier minds as the puzled and talked amongst themselves. Little did they notice that one of thier number had slipped back out the way they had came. When they finaly decided to go, leaving the puzzle of the door for a latter date, the party found that Richard is long gone.

“where’d he go…” Calenon stated as he pulled his staff around.

"I believe Richard may be in the room with the hole." Aurelious stated as the party rushed after the dark and silent man down the tiny winding passage. After a short while they burst forth into the same blue light as before. Before them stood Richard standing on the edge of the precipice snuffing out his candle.

“so glad of you to join me.” He said with a smirk

Aurelious came down the steps into the room and stood with Richard at the edge of the hole. He looked into the pit of blue light and spoke "Care should be taken to not wander off. In order to complete our goal, we may not be able to backtrack to find anyone. We will most definitely not split our reduced numbers up, to find someone."

Richard shrugged his shoulders.

“Well now that were back in the creepy blue room it’s time to decide who gets to go first.” Thomas said as he tied one end of the rope to a protruding bit of rubble and checked it for weight. He then threw the other end down the hole.


Eric said...

"Calenon seems most anxious to get down there." *extends a hand and looks at Calenon* "After you"

Lorem Ipsum said...

init: 6

[if the blue light emitting from the whole is very faint]
"As i dont see how any of you will manage to climb down whilst holding a lantern, and that if their is something down their they will surely see us descend; I will volunteer myself to lead as my darkvision is surely as good as if not better than any of yours."

[regardless of how bright the light is]"I think the more important question at this point is do we leave the rope hanging for us to later ascend or do we take it with us? It is quite possible that we will need it later and with self-closing doors backtracking my not be an option later; however i do feel uneasy about removing our only way back... If we do decide to take it with us perhaps we should have whoever can fall the most gracefully come down last(we could catch or they could cast a feather-fall ect...)"

Thomas Mendicant said...

Init: Natural 1 (-7)

"If you are up for it, than I would agree you go first Lorem." Thomas pauses for a moment and turns to Calenon. "As for the rope situation, what spell did you plan to use to get down there? Spiderclimb perhaps? If it is something where you can climb or float up as well, then I've the perfect solution." Without pausing, Thomas searches his bags for a small rod. Pressing a button on its side he releases the rod, yet it does not fall to the ground. "We can retie the rope to this, and I can use a mage hand to release and drop it back down. That way we could take the rope with us and still get back up. If you don't have such a spell though, I suppose we can always cut it in half. It's about a fifty foot length, so a chop in half would only leave us a slight drop down."

Aaron said...

Init: 12

"I have several options; Spider Climb is one of them. And, as Richard pointed out, while I am anxious to get down the hole, if, Thomas, you still think it a good idea for someone to wait here, I think I may be the best choice. Whether to run to your aid or from danger up here, my spells provide the quickest and safest ways in the group, I think. Furthermore, if you would explain to me the way this wonderful.... rod, I suppose you would call it, works, if I have to flee I can take the rod, and thus the rope if we attach the rope to it, easily if I must flee down the hole. If, however, we do not think anyone should be left here, I would prefer not to use any of my spells, at least to descend."

Thomas Mendicant said...

"It's simple really," replies Thomas as he reaches forward and pulls the rod from the air, "you just press a button on the side to activate or deactivate it. After the events in the previous room I don't know if we should leave one behind or not. While being blocked off is possible again, leaving that person stranded, having him separate from the rest might be the only hope of anyone making it back out..."

Aaron said...

"This seems something that should be decided by the entire group. Leaving a lookout behind seems like the best option to me. And, while not the best option for a solo flight, my magic gives me, I think, a better chance than anyone else for escape. But, if we do leave a lookout, we need a way to mark the path taken, a way to mark any traps not disarmed, and a decision on how long the person should wait."

Lorem Ipsum said...

"I am not sure I like the idea of leaving someone behind. I was simply trying to find a way down that didnt require loosing the rope."

Aurelious Wolfbane said...

OOC I could have sworn I posted this like a couple days ago... sorry OOC

INIT: 19

"We have no idea if we're triggering something to close these doors or... It could be anything else. In our current situation I would suggest we not leave anyone behind, even as a lookout. As far as who goes first, Lorem I believe is the most suited. As for the rope situation... I believe the use of a spell is better than cutting our rope in two. Perhaps this rod and mage hand is the answer we seek"

Aaron said...

"It seems the consensus is that we all go together. I can go second, but someone will probably need to catch my staff; I would prefer to use the rope if possible. Also, I believe my spell is about to expire. And Thomas, just a thought for if and when we hae to come back this way, would we be able to throw the rod in the air and engage it with a Mage Hand so that we need not use any spells in ascending either?"

Thomas Mendicant said...

"We will have to see on that one. With the weight of the rope attached it would probably be too much for it to lift and I don't know how well I would be able to time it trying to press the button if someone were to throw it."

Thomas moves to untie the rope from the rock and reties it to the rod before activating it over the hole.

"Looks like you're up Lorem..."

Lorem Ipsum said...

Climb: 15

"If their is something hostile hurry down otherwise take your time. And lets make sure not to undo the rope until we are sure their is an exit in this room that we want to take."

[with that lorem makes his way down the rope, when the room becomes visible he quickly scans it; spot: 5 and relays on info to the group]

Eric said...

I don't have anything to say and my character has no opinion on what order to do down. Just wanted to check in so you guys knew I was still alive and checking the blog.

For when it's necessary:

Climb: 13
Spot: 18

Thomas Mendicant said...

If necessary -
Jump: 14
Tumble: 17

As Lorem begins his climb, Thomas sets down his lantern and rummages in his pack. Pulling on a pair of gloves he turns to the others, "In case we need a fast descent," pointing to his gloves. "Calenon, you're the only one who can work at a range. Be ready to point the lantern down there in case the rest of us need to rush in." Thomas walks back over to the rope and stands waiting.

Ready action to jump onto the rope and slide down it using the gloves to avoid rope burns if Lorem yells for help

Aurelious Wolfbane said...

I ready to throw if Lorem needs help.

I think back... how deep was the hole again?