Sunday, July 8, 2007

Chapter 15: Colapsed Stone

"So I take it she lead the winning side, or helped to reunite the clans after the bloodshed, only to rule with an iron and too demanding fist?" Thomas inquired

Thomas reached out to touch a piece of the mosaic, but pulled away just before his fingers brush the stones."An over simplification I'm sure, if I am near correct. No wonder you hesitate to tell the tale. Not only could it take the whole night, but how restless the spirits involve may still be." After lingering sometime at the final scene of the mosaic, Thomas kneeled and began to rummage through his pack. "Oh good, I didn't leave this on Oleander," lighting his lantern he continued, "The small amount of light we've had is starting to bother my eyes. This should do it though." Thomas stood and glanced around to see if anyone had come to a decision yet.

“If any one has any pressing suggestions, or "creepy feelings," let's hear them. Otherwise, unless someone discovers something, it seems logical to use the same formula here: first path to the left of the entrance." Calenon suggested.

"I agree with Calenon... I don't have any specific ideas here, but, sticking to reason, will, eventually, yield a result." Aurelious said as he clutched the bastard sword in his hand, eyes sweeping the area illuminated by the crystal on his chest.

"At least we now know something of the story behind this place. But I was afraid it would be something like this..."

"That sounds like a fine plan" Lorem muttered as he turned his back on the Mosaic.

Eyeing the lantern, Lorem questioned it. "A lantern will help for 30 stones but we will have no vision beyond it, while it will serve as a beckon to any other nasty creatures that we are here."

"If there are creatures we've yet to find, we will encounter them whether or not we've the extra light," he taped the side of the lantern as he talked, "I would feel safer fighting in brighter conditions, not only for my eyes but I'm sure these creatures would not enjoy it themselves. Let alone making it easier for Richard to check for traps along the way. Wouldn't the rest of you agree?"

"You make a good point, the creatures may dislike the light, however their is much to be said for having the jump on your opponent in a fight, and with the lantern I fear we will always be on the receiving end of that surprise. Not to mention we don’t know if the light will deter them or draw them like moths"

"In a narrow passageway situation such as these... It is impossible to avoid an encounter. If the beast is there, we have no way around it, save another path. Putting the light out will NOT allow us to avoid confrontation. I do not know whether the beings here will be irritated by it or not, however, we have to bear in mind that they are accustomed to hunting in the darkness, and we are now in the darkness. They can find us, if they want to, with or without the light. I personally would prefer to stay in the light." Aurelious interjected.

“Oh come on! Lets go!” Calenon called from the door

“shhhhh!” the others said in unison.

“Do you wish to alert the prying ears of this place?” Richard asked Calenon roughly.

“no but I do wish to find the crystal ball before I die of old age.” Calenon said turning, leading the companions further into the Catacombs.

The Path continued on a level grade twisting haphazardly through the stone, indistinguishable from any where else. Richard reminisced on what he had just seen as they made their way through the black corridors. "Clan wars... not unlike the conflict in my own homeland. I wonder how many dwarves gave their lives simply because they were ordered to, or because of some ill-conceived sense of duty. To thrive in these times you cannot leave your fate in the hands of others, you must cut your own path."

Lorem grumbled incoherently.

“what was tha…” Richard was cut short as the corridor was bathed in a eerie blue light. They entered into what used to be a large cavern, but it seems the cavern roof has collapsed leaving only a section of a once grand stairway down into the room and a large hole in the floor on the far side of the chamber. All the exits of this room must have been closed in the collapse, for the only way out looks to be the way in and the hole in the floor. The blue light seems to be emanating from that very hole, wafting up from a lower level. Whatever use this room once had seems to be undistinguishable now, but an old pew sticking out of a pile of stone, seems to suggest a religious room of some kind. Oddly there seemed to be the smell of blood around the place.

The hole seemed to be roughly ten feet in diameter, but bears no other significance other than the light emanating from below. The rubble seemed to be of that same black stone of the walls and floors, but also were traces of other stone. Granite, marble, and other stones native to the region litter the floor and make it hard to walk.

“Look. a Support stone fell from the ceiling punching the hole in the floor. I bet the corridors above us faired much worse.” Lorem surmised.

“Great Lorem, but now where too?” Calenon asked.


Aurelious Wolfbane said...

INIT: 23

Knowledge religion about why for the dwarves would have a room for worship in this tomb/mausoleum: 9

I walk over and look into the hole, with a bastard sword drawn. Spot: 17.

"Why is it I keep hating this place more and more..."

DM said...

As Aurelious looked into the pit he saw a large pile of black stone blocks that used to be apart of the ceiling and floor. The room below seemed different than that of the catacombs. It seemed more spacious and the stones of the walls and floor were of a finally polished marble. Unfortunately, due to the floor being over ten feet thick that is all he could see in view.

DM said...

It looked like a thirty foot drop to the top of the pile of stone and then another twenty feet of climbing down to the floor.

Aaron said...

Init: 37 (natural 20)

Calenon looks through his pack. "I should have some...." He rummages angrily for a few more seconds before muttering under his breath, "Blasted old man!" He then sighs. "Well, I (he emphasizes the "I") can get down, but does anyone have any rope for the rest of you?" He clearly looks unhappy about something. "On second thought, if somebody does have that rope, I should probably use it as well."

Lorem Ipsum said...

"I used my rope to damn the water near our entrance, but i agree down is a good way to go."

Thomas Mendicant said...

Init: 16
Spot: Non natural 20

"I've some rope we can use," Thomas responds as he glances into the hole, "though I wonder if we should check the other passage first. What if we find only a dead end down here and something comes along to cut our rope leaving us stranded?" Without even looking for a reaction he continues, "And yes Calenon, I know you can make it back up but what if there is something you can't take by yourself."

"If you all would prefer to venture forth there first, I would stay here and wait for you. I would only ask you mark each pathway down there you take in the off chance I am forced to flee down there."

*only if Calenon complains about too much time being taken again*
(as close as I can get to this in Wood Elven) Why do you rush us so? Your impatience is dangerous, downright annoying, and unbecoming for one such as yourself. You act as if above us from the first moments, yet you do nothing to act the part of one deserving such respect. So if you would Calenon, at least act the part of a levelheaded companion and not, to use an example, the shoddy stonemason who works cheap and quickly because he only cares to finish the job, not on the results."

Eric said...

Init: Natural 20 (Dex mod +3)

Listen and spot checks for the room below:

Listen: 18
Spot: 19

"Since it looks obviously different than the rooms on this floor, and we have no other leads, doing down would seem like a good strategy. I agree."

Thomas Mendicant said...

Scratch what I said starting at "If you all would prefer to venture forth there first" and continue with this

"If you would prefer to venture down there first, feel free to jump down yourselves unless someone else has a rope. Otherwise, we're going down the other tunnel from the room with the mural. Safety before expediency people."

Aaron said...

"I suggest, bard, if you plan on getting paid, that you provide the rope. Now."

Aurelious Wolfbane said...

I think back to my previous party. Laugh.

Eric said...

"And *I* suggest that everyone stops infighting, because I don't have time for this. Let's do as the bard suggests. It's better than standing here. Furthermore, I don't remember anyone electing you leader of this outfit, so perhaps you should cease acting like it."

Thomas Mendicant said...

(normally I hate online dice rollers but hey i'll take this)
Diplomacy: Nat 20 (39)

"Thank you Richard. I was content to decide by plurality before, but I feel too uneasy about this. I say we take the other path and should it appear obvious it will get us no closer we backtrack to here. My reasoning is sound, Calenon," Thomas pauses to emphasize the name, " so I ask you consider it before resorting to idle threats."

Thomas turns and looks at the rest of his companions. "Now if anyone is going to follow me, let us be off."

Aurelious Wolfbane said...

I follow Thomas. It really doesn't matter to me which path we take first.

Lorem Ipsum said...

Lorem waits to walk with Calenon, "well if those guys want to walk around forever I guess we have no choice but to join them."

If Calenon walks with him he attempts at some hummor, "Perhaps we would have been best off lowering him and his lantern down on that rope... like we were fishing for undead."

Aaron said...

Calenon huffs. "Fine! Even though our information says the orb is downward, let's go traipsing about the undead-infested tomb when we have a way down staring at us. Furthermore, what you all seem to be forgetting is that Sionaas is MY master, which makes this, first and foremost, MY mission. Other than Lorem, you are all hired help. You stand to gain something tangible; this is simply my responsibility! I would appreciate it if some consideration were given to that." Since this also seems to simply be Lorem's responsibility, he does decide to walk with him because they seem to be in the same boat. After the joke, he laughs. "Sounds like a good idea for WHEN we have to come back here," he says quietly.

Thomas Mendicant said...

Thomas would turn after the elf finishes his tirade, responding in kind while trying his best to keep his voice no louder than that of the rest of the group. "I have heard enough tales of foolhardy adventurers, and had my own life at risk enough times, to know better than not take the precaution of at least checking the next closest passage. If you recall, that door you just had to get us through lead us to the Queen's tribute chamber which wasn't exactly the greatest place to spend time in. And if you were to listen, you would've heard me say we would turn back if it became apparent there was no threat and it would lead us no closer to our goal."

Thomas sets down his lantern and steps closer to the elf, covering half the distance between them with hands resting over his hilts. "Listen and hear me now Calenon. I will take the comments of self-centered men while telling my stories or singing my songs. It's part of what we bards must endure. Wonderful the tales this place tells may be, but I do not enjoy it here and I will not take this treatment from the lapdog of a mage who has yet to prove himself when I am citing an honest concern. I want to find the orb, and have all of us leave this place in good condition. Now checking out the other passage from the mural room shouldn't take long...lets go."

Aaron said...

Calenon takes a step forward. "L..lapdog? I have tasted power of which you cannot dream! It is only because I have proven myself capable with my magic that Master sent me on this quest! My problem, bard, is that going to that path is more likely to be a waste of time than moving in the direction we know we need to go." He points at the hole. "Now, as far as self-centered goes, I will admit that I do get wrapped up in myself from time to time, and, believe it or not, I'm working on it. But I am impatient because I am concerned. For all of us. I am not some petulant child, and you will stop addressing me as if I am as as if you are some kind of all-knowing father! And do not threaten me again.," he finishes, motioning towards Thomas's hands.